Walk On Water: The Noah Navigation

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WALK ON WATER (The Noah Navigation): Gen | Chapters 5-9

A Sunday school teacher asked a class if Noah fished from the ARK. A little boy raised his hand and said, “How could he? He only had two worms.”

  1. Staying above life’s storms is at times a matter of advance preparation.
  2. Storms do not leave you where it picked you up. It will move you from point A to B, in a boat, not bare feet.
  3. Storm survival skill are not just for you, but others too.
    1. God does not always make sense.
    2. Be prepared by seeing
  • Be prepared by listeningIn the 1st year a husband speaks, the wife listens. In the 2nd year of marriage, the wife speaks, the husband listens. In the 3rd year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.
  1. Be prepared by obeying.
  2. Be prepared by building.
  3. Be prepared by focusing on the goal vs peers.
  • Be prepared by bringing everyone you can.
  • Be prepared for arrival by looking for symbols and signals of life. Noah looked to the sky, not the waters.
  1. When you see land, land your boat.
  2. Build an altar of sacrifice and praise.

Be Lifted UpStorms move you from point A – B.  The storm moved Noah from the valley to the mountaintop. From there, you can see the full expanse of God’s provision and protection.

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