Empowered To Go

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EMPOWERED TO GO (Acts 8:25-40)
1. Where others (John/Peter) go may not be where he wants you to go. Go where God tells you to go.

a. We tend to go back where we are comfortable.
b. We tend to hang with people we know vs don’t.
c. God sent Philip on a desert road: dry, dangerous.
d. Two rewards in following the desert road.

i. You meet people longing to understand.
ii. You see people saved you would never expect.
iii. You seed the Gospel in people of great influence.
iv. God may do something amazing, if/when you GO.

2. Building the Kingdom is not Field of Dreams.

a. Run up and get close to where people are.
b. Keep your ears open for signs of spiritual interest.
c. Ask questions: do you understand? What?
d. The Ethiopian expresses it well: How could I understand unless someone guides me correctly?
e. Trust Jesus to lead you and you will get invitations.

3. Your message is simple and yet eternally profound.

a. What is it they do not understand about God?
b. Read a scripture, Isaiah 53 is one.
c. Do they understand the meaning and person?

i. Begin with your gospel, your story – not their lifestyle.
ii. Jesus: promised Redeemer – salvation’s source.
iii. What do you want to do after reading/hearing?

Wrap Up … whatever time or place you find yourself passing through, preach the Good News of Jesus – anywhere/anytime.

What road has God been asking you to travel?

What people has he placed in front of you?

What is your story – your Gospel of Jesus in you?

Will you let Jesus lead you where he needs you and talk to people with whom HE wants you to talk? Why/Why Not?

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