Empowered to Change

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What do Saul of Tarsus … Chuck Colson and Aaron Hernandez have in common?

Changed – Transformed – Restored – Reformed – All are words the follower of Jesus ought to be familiar. The word, “rehabilitated”, is not in Jesus dictionary.

Jesus does not rehabilitate death; he gives us life. He does not rehabilitate sin; he creates a desire for holiness. He does not rehabilitate human nature; his nature indwells as the Holy Spirit.

  1. Your vision of Jesus determines your response to Jesus.
    1. Proverbs 29:18 … where there is no vision …
    2. Saul [desired] before Jesus.
    3. Ananias [to whom God’s graciously given].
    4. Priest and leaders before Jesus.
  2. Your response to Jesus may be dramatic/maybe not.
    1. Saul heard/saw Jesus and fell to the ground.
    2. Saul’s companions heard, but did not see.
    3. Blinded or bewildered, they changed direction.
  3. Your changed spirit will direct you into new territory.
    1. Instead of leading men, men led Saul.
    2. Instead of “seeing”, he saw his blindness.
    3. Instead of acting, he is forced to wait.
  4. Your new territory will produce Kingdom outcomes.
    1. Unlikely people are changed.
    2. Comfortable “followers” do the uncomfortable.
    3. Everyone will be strengthened.
    4. People will prove their commitment by actions.

Wrap Up … Saul was renamed Paul by Acts 13, which means “little” or “small”. We need to become small so that Jesus can be big in us for others to see, HIM not us.

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