Empowered Tho On Trial

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Three scriptures inform today’s message:

  • Acts 24-26 / Luke 12:12 / Luke 21:15

Last Week … How will you act if tried in the court of public opinion? It’s what separates you in character and conduct.

  • Stay focused on God – on loving people – making disciples. Don’t focus on destiny detractors.

You never know who will pull you into the court of public opinion, attack or slander you.

  • Story of Naruto the Indonesian Macaque monkey and Peta. Lower court – 9th District Court – Settlement

What do we need to get out of today’s message?

  • Someone will judge you sometime in life.
  • Judging can come as “fruit inspection” or condemnation.
  • How might a destiny wrecker operate?
  • How will you respond – how will you keep in step with the Holy Spirit and display Jesus’ power and plan?

Accusers – Slanderers and Aggravating People

  • Paul is a troublemaker – ringleader – desecrator = make trouble – conspiracy – demean what you hold sacred.
  • Haters try to intimidate – Paul’s accusers circled him.
  • Accusers are cowards – no one from Asia showed up [conspiracy of confidentiality][Paul Sheppard].

Judges can be jerks

  • Felix was looking for something – a bribe.
  • Felix did not want to discuss eternal matters like righteousness, self-control or judgement.
  • Felix kept Paul in prison for two years – forgotten.
  • Festus could not make up his own mind.
  • There is no reason for them to change – “converting in such short a time”.

How then should you act rather than react

  • Do not focus on your accusers
  • Focus on telling your gospel
  • See this as an opportunity to talk about righteousness, self-control and judgement/destiny.
  • People do not like to talk about righteousness, self-control and judgement/destiny.
  • These three things address this: What is in your heart? What is your conduct? What is your destiny?
  • Ethical vs Moral person. Religious vs Righteous person.


  • Focus on the opportunity rather than the offense and you will be happier and more effective in your faith journey.
  • Be patient – Paul was a prisoner for two years.
  • Be the kind of person that Jesus would be: “except for these chains” with all people were like you.
  • You have the right to say: “I’m not going there”.

Wrap Up

  • Do you focus on what people think of you or are you focused on what God thinks of you?

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