Going A Little Farther

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Going the Distance [Palm Sun 4/9] Matt 26:39

Intro: Life is tough at time, but remember this: tough journeys lead to expansive plateaus. But, you will never discover Jesus’ full purpose, plan and destiny for you if you stop instead of “going a little farther”.

“Going a little farther, Jesus fell face down and prayed: Father, if it is possible – if it is in line with your will, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.”

If you want the presence and power of Jesus’ destiny for your life, you must learn to go a little farther and do the Lord’s will, obediently. When we do the Lord’s will, we will face challenges and challenging people.

  1. We will have haters – go a little farther [1-5]: Chief Priests and Elders conspired together.
  2. We will have people who bless us – go a little farther [6-13]: John says she is Mary, sister of Martha + Lazarus. We think it is humility to reject or rebuke those who bless us, but when you have done well, let people have their joy (Sam Hines).
  3. We will have betrayers – go a little farther [14-25]: Betrayers fall out of favor with you or try to force you to do what they want rather than what God wants. God may require you to keep them as your friend until they cut themselves off from you.
  4. We will have disappointers – go a little farther [26-35]: Peter and the disciples missed the point of Passover, missed the point of going to the Mount of Olives with friends [Peter+Zebedee’s sons] only to have them fall asleep 2x when he needed them.
  5. We will have our Gethsemane – go a little farther [36-46]: Jesus was at the place where olives were placed under the full and unrelenting pressure of the press designed to extract the full measure of the oil. You can throw olives, but it takes oil to anoint.

Wrap Up: Why do we need to “go a little father”? It is because, in doing so, we find ourselves “going the distance” [Easter Sunday]. That’s what Jesus did for us and what we are called to do for Him.

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